Cloud-based Security System A modern approach to security.

Integrate video security camera systems with essential business data like POS, alarms, and inventory, enabling you to oversee and control your business remotely from anywhere.

Works with existing cameras

Leverage your existing infrastructure and avoid complex installations and costly equipment upgrades.

Integrate with your POS system

Our system integrates your security system with POS data to interpret and filter for insights and issues.

We take the grunt work out of the investigation by making transaction data and motion events searchable and pairing them with video for verification to help you identify and solve problems quickly. Data makes all the difference.

Remote access

Stay connected and in control of your business with 24/7 remote video monitoring.

Easily access  from any web browser or mobile app and manage multiple locations from one centralized platform.

Secure save & share

Streamline investigations, audits, and incident reports by securely sharing video evidence with law enforcement.

Maintain confidentiality with controlled access permissions, allowing you to grant temporary or permanent access to safeguard information.

Effortless cloud video storage

Our hybrid cloud video storage allows you to easily upload any video clips or specific security camera feeds to the cloud while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness of on-premise storage.

Enterprise Grade Solution

Secure, Scalable, and Easy-to-Use Platform for Enterprise-Grade Video Security Solutions

Unlimited users

Unlimited locations/ devices

Bandwidth & network management

Proactive health monitoring

Flexible and Reliable Video Recording

Less frustration equals more time to do other thing

Optimize Your Current Setup

Regardless of the cameras you use, Our technology-agnostic approach ensures you can seamlessly integrate your current systems, without the need for expensive upgrades or replacements.

Flexible Recording

Using our schedule-based recording, you can define when and for how long you want your cameras to record, ensuring you capture the necessary footage without any gaps or unwanted timeframes.

Motion thinning detects and records only relevant events, minimizing storage requirements without compromising important footage.

Choose how long you want to keep video saved. Whether it’s a regulatory requirement, peace of mind, or simply cost saving, Our system will work with you to find the video retention period and quality required that suits your needs.

Our hybrid cloud video storage allows you to easily upload any video clips or specific security camera feeds to the cloud while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness of on-premises storage.  You choose what stays in local storage and what needs to go to the cloud.

Motion Search

Our motion search tool allows you to search for motion in any region of your video by simply drawing a ROI while watching a recorded video. Once your region is selected, the video player’s timeline will show you when motion occurred and allow you to jump between segments of motion to pinpoint the exact moment you’re searching for. This eliminates the need to fast forward through empty video by skipping over sections that don’t contain motion in your specific ROI

Synchronize POS with Cameras

Unlock the full potential of your security camera system with our advanced dashboard of searchable moments. By seamlessly integrating with your existing security cameras, POS systems, and other hardware and software, our trusted integration partners enable you to access and utilize untapped value. This integration not only enhances the overall efficiency of your security infrastructure but also provides comprehensive insights and actionable data.

With our solution, you can effortlessly maximize security, streamline operations, and make informed decisions that drive business growth and success.

Video AI

Sidekick AI™: Generative AI Opt-in Beta

Transform how you interact with your video and data by using Our Sidekick AI. Ask straightforward questions and quickly receive accurate, insightful answers, saving hours of work.

Our Sidekick AI provides immediate actionable insights, streamlining decision processes and improving efficiency in risk assessment and data analysis.

Designed with mobility in mind, our Sidekick AI allows you to access and analyze data and video from anywhere.

Our Sidekick AI seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing valuable insights to inform your operational strategies.

Blocked Exit Detection

Our software proactively detects and addresses exit route obstructions.

Our system allows for near real-time detection of objects that are blocking exits, all without the need for specialized equipment. Setup is a breeze; just define the region you want to monitor and set the time intervals for obstruction checks.

Receive alerts through SMS, email, and push notifications whenever an exit route obstruction is detected. This not only helps to reduce or eliminate fines from occupational health and safety organizations like OSHA but also significantly improves safety for both staff and customers.

The Hub of Business Security Systems

Built With Your Industry In Mind

We work closely with you to understand your needs. We consult with leading client brands from a range of industries to perfect our features and ensure our video surveillance platform meets the unique needs our clients have.

Data Visualization

Dashboards and widgets

Visualize and analyze critical data using customizable widgets that present information in charts, graphs, and other visual formats. These widgets can be integrated into customizable dashboards, providing a centralized and comprehensive overview of key performance indicators. For enhanced accessibility, metrics can also be included in daily emails, ensuring your team remains informed and proactive.

Drill down from data to video

Seamlessly drill down from data visualizations to associated video footage. Take a deeper dive into analysis by directly observing events, incidents, or patterns captured by video surveillance cameras.

Enhanced Security, Reduced Costs

Save up to $150,000
in staffing costs...

Our solution combines enhanced security protocols with cost-saving measures, resulting in substantial benefits for your business. By implementing our system, you can save up to $150,000 in staffing expenses, reduce labor costs by 3-4%, and slash internal fraud by a staggering 80%.

Our customers have reported identifying internal frauds amounting to $100,000 within just a few days of using our services.

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