Secure home for as low as 20 bucks a month

Discover tailored security solutions with NexaLand Solutions. Our service offerings include both Wired and Wireless Security Systems, meticulously designed for your unique home security needs.

Wired Security Solutions

Starting From $109 + Installation Cost

Choose our Wired Security Solutions for unbeatable reliability and comprehensive protection. Perfect for larger properties, these systems are engineered for continuous, fail-safe security, ensuring every corner of your home is safeguarded.

1-Year Contract: Premium Flexibility

Ideal for short-term commitments, this plan offers top-tier security with the flexibility of a one-year contract. Perfect for renters or residences.
- 4 cam solution

2-Year Contract: Enhanced Value

Balance affordability with security in our 2-year plan. A great option for homeowners looking for a blend of value and comprehensive protection.
- 4 cam solution

3-Year Contract: Ultimate Savings

Commit to three years and enjoy the lowest monthly rate for unwavering, high-quality wired security. Suited for long-term homeowners.
- 4 cam solution

Wireless Services

Customize Your Security with Our Flexible Wireless Solutions - Starting at Just $20/Month"

Dive into our world of wireless security: sleek, smart, and starting at just $20 a month! Our packages include everything from high-definition surveillance cameras for real-time viewing to sophisticated motion sensors, ensuring every angle of your home is covered. Plus, with easy-to-use smart integration, control is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Central Display

It's the heart of your system, allowing you to activate and deactivate security features effortlessly. This intuitive unit connects all your sensors and comes with a handy remote control.

Plus, with smartphone integration, you can manage your home's safety anytime, anywhere. Ideal for those who love having control at their fingertips.

Wireless Cameras

Elevate your home security with our range of AI-powered wireless cameras. From indoor surveillance to outdoor protection, choose the perfect fit for your space.

These smart cameras offer high-quality imaging and can be operated directly from your phone, ensuring you're always in the know.


Customize your safety with our versatile alarm systems. Whether you need a basic setup or advanced protection, our alarms are designed to cater to various security needs.

Effective and reliable, they provide the audible assurance you need for a secure home.

Motion and Contact Sensors

Secure every corner with our comprehensive sensor range. From doors to windows, and general motion detection, these sensors are your first line of defense. They're easy to install and integrate seamlessly with your central system for all-around protection.

Design Your Solution

Tailor your security to match your lifestyle. Mix and match from our product range to create a solution that's just right for you. Not sure where to start? Take our quick quiz and get a personalized quote based on your specific security needs. Your perfect home security system is just a few clicks away!

General Questions

Ensuring a seamless experience with our innovative products and services.

We specialize in both wired and wireless home security systems, offering a range of products including central displays, smart cameras, and integrated alarms.

Our professional team handles the installation process, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal setup for your security system."

Our systems are highly customizable. We work with you to tailor a security solution that fits your specific home layout and security needs.

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